He is currently considered one of the most influential composers and pianists in the Italian music scene. His style is the result of a long experience composing for the theatre, advertising (for brands such as Alitalia, Bulgari and New Holland) and for the cinema.
His music is always inspired by film and visual media, whether that is celebrating Pasolini, writing a complete soundtrack for “Fight For Freedom”, a recent film about Muhammad Ali, or “To duration – A tribute to Peter Handke” in 2017; and more creating the original soundtracks for “Hitler versus Picasso and The Others: The Nazi Obsession for Art and Van Gogh, of wheat fields and clouded skies”, two art movies released in April and May 2018 in over than 50 countries. In the latest soundtrack composed for “The Water Lilies by Monet, The Magic of Water and Light” the score mixes electronic and symphonic elements, making the female voice a metaphor for water lilies. At the beginning of 2019 Sony Masterworks published worldwide the three related albums from the movies soundtracks composed for great art at cinema.
Besides to the soundtracks, he released 1 live album and 5 studio albums: the latest is “Nocturne” (Sony Music) .