Music has always been at home in Marco Mirk’s family: his father played bass and had a collection of rock vinyls that Marco consumed as a child. His grandmother was an excellent classical music pianist and Marco studied piano with her from 7 to 13 years, before he began playing the drums as a self-taught. At an old age (31 years) he obtained, after 6 years of studies, the professional diploma in pop-rock drums at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. At that time he already had played hundreds of concerts all over Europe, USA and Brazil, by being part of a couple of punk bands with which he literally cut his teeth on the road. In the last 10 years he has played with many independent songwriters and with one in particular, Filippo dr. Panìco, has ground about 200 dates in every corner of Italy, carrying around the “Tour of the living rooms” format in which the two literally played at people’s homes, also cooking dinner every night before the show, for an incredibly human and formative experience.

Marco Mirk has been composing and producing the soundtracks of the multimedia productions of Laboratoriorosso for about 5 years.