Emanuele Matte is an Italian DJ and producer who has been actively involved in the clubbing scene since the early nineties. With almost two decades of experience since his first vinyl release in 1994, he remains deeply passionate about music, continuously honing his unique techno sound.

Throughout his long career, Emanuele has garnered immense support from prominent DJs on the international stage, releasing his tracks on numerous labels. This success has enabled him to travel the world with his enthralling DJ performances, a journey that began in the late nineties. However, in recent times, he has shifted his focus towards creating soundtracks for movies and TV series.

One of his notable accomplishments in this new venture was composing the music for the documentary “Discoruin ” for Sonne / Film K_plus.

¬†This docu-film received acclaim from critics, marking Emanuele’s successful foray into the realm of composition.

Apart from his musical pursuits, Emanuele is an avid technology enthusiast. In 2017, he ventured into the Crypto scene, exploring the world of digital currencies. Fuelled by his passion for cutting-edge technologies, he also ventured into the realm of musical NFTs, creating a collection that showcases his artistic expression.